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How to Choose Mats and Floor Products


A floor mat can protect the floors of your home and ensure that dirt and other debris does not get tracked into your home. It does not only ensure that your floors remain shiny and new, it also promotes safety and cleanliness inside your residence. Choosing the right mat or floor product entail understanding the location where you it shall be place, the type of floor surface, and how it shall be installed. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember before choosing your mat and floor products.


There are two general types of mats: outdoor and indoor mats. Outdoor rubber floor mats are typically made of polypropylene or rubber which keeps the surface of the mat abrasive. This is necessary because the function of an outdoor floor mat is to take away dirt from shoes, so an abrasive surface is ideal for the job. Indoor mats, on the other hand, are normally made from propylene or absorbent olefin. These materials are meant to remove moisture and minor debris from shoes by absorbing them. These types of mats are designed to protect people from slipping or falling, as well as protect your floors from water damage.


A third important type is an anti-fatigue mat. This type of mat is created for those people who are required to stand all day for work or anything else. These mats offer cushioning for the feet, which are intended to reduce the effects of strain and fatigue. These mats ensure that a person's legs do not sustain permanent damage from the strain that their type of work often produces. Read more claims about flooring at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hardwood.


In order to ensure that the custom floor mats and floor product you choose is perfect for the location, make sure that you carefully measure how much leeway you have between the door and the floor. Do not forget that if you purchase a mat that is too thick, it will be difficult to open and close your door smoothly and properly. Also make sure that they cover the surface area properly. A mat that has insufficient coverage will not prevent damage to your floors. On the other hand, a bulky mat or floor product could get in the way and impede efficient foot traffic in your home.


Mats and other floor products are generally available in an extensive array of hues and designs. While mats are extremely functional, there is no reason why you shouldn't choose one that also satisfies your decorative and aesthetic requirements. Make sure that you check out Eagle Mat & Floor Products to know your options.